社是 Our Company Policies



Our goal is to produce delicious sweets that customers can trust.

私たちの規範 Our Standards

経営規範 喜びをわかちあう質実で進取な企業づくり

Management Standards: Straightforward Business to Share Happiness


We aim to operate and develop our business in a way that truly shares happiness with our customers, our business connections, our resellers, and our employees.

製造規範 ひとつのお菓子はひとりのお客様

Production Standards: Each Sweet We Make is Meant for a Customer


When we make our sweets, we always keep in mind that each one is going to be eaten by someone. We work to make each and every one of our sweets perfectly delicious for consistent quality that our customers can trust.

販売規範 いつも明朗かつ親身なお手伝い

Sales Standards: Consistently Cheerful and Helpful Assistance


We work our hardest to provide cheerful, helpful service that satisfies our customers and resellers.

社員規範 心と技を磨き才智を表現

Staff Standards: Demonstrate Wisdom by Improving Skills and Minds


We demonstrate wisdom and fulfill our responsibilities, building trusting relationships with one another by improving our skills and minds.

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