Since the founding of Yubeshi Souhonke Nakauraya Co,. Ltd. In 1910, we have worked for over a century making and selling sweets. Please allow us to introduce our direct sales shop, as well as the shops that sell our products.


■ 柚餅子総本家中浦屋 わいち本店 Waichi Main Store
中浦屋 わいち本店 外観中浦屋わいち本店 店内
OPEN:8:00~18:00 (Open 362 Days.)    Parking

〒928-0001 石川県輪島市河井町わいち4部97番地 4-97 kawaimachi Wajima-shi Ishikawa 928-0001 Japan


Located midway between Waichi-Street in Wajima, our “Waichi Main Store” has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1910. Availing ourselves of the opportunity of its new construction in 2002, we used local materials and the technique of “wiped lacquer” to achieve an appearance that is more befitting to Wajima.


■ 柚餅子総本家中浦屋 本町店 Honmachi Store

中浦屋 本町店 外観

中浦屋 本町店 店内
OPEN:8:00~17:00 (Open 362 Days.)   Parking

〒928-0001 石川県輪島市河井町2部70番地  2-70  kawaimachi Wajima-shi Ishikawa 928-0001 Japan


It is a store located in the vicinity of the East Entrance to the Wajima morning market. Our rest area for which we allowed ample space, is perfect for the shoppers returning from the morning market to give themselves a rest, or for enjoying our tea and sweets.


■ 柚餅子総本家中浦屋 朝市店 Asaichi Store

中浦屋 朝市店 外観中浦屋 朝市店 店内
OPEN:8:00~12:00 (Taking a rest is the same as a morning market.)    Parking

〒928-0001 石川県輪島市河井町1部103番地3   1-103-3 kawaimachi Wajima-shi Ishikawa 928-0001 Japan


We had this store built in a traditional teahouse style, so that customers would not hesitate to stop in. Located in the heart of the Wajima morning market, our store is well-stocked with suitable products for souvenirs.